Dinosaur Events has a number of Star Wars cosplayers that specialize in corporate and private events. We pride ourselves on our accurate representations of Star Wars characters. Here are a few photos!

Star Wars Performers Kylo Vader and Ray.jpg

Kylo Ren & Ray

Kylo and Ray, two of the main characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, face each other in an epic battle at the end of the movie. Reach out for more information on how we can recreate a Star Wars lightsaber battle at your event.

Star Wars Performers Utah.JPG

Princess Leia

A fan favorite from the original trilogy, Leia is a fearless warrior for the rebel cause. Contact us for more information booking a Princess Leia performer for your next Star Wars party.

Star Wars Cantina Band Utah.JPG

Cantina BAND

Dinosaur Events is proud to feature our Cantina Band. With a fully functional, custom organ built for Max Rebo (the blue elephant guy) and  four Bith (bald aliens) the Cantina band is out of this world!