Here are a list of frequently asked questions or FAQ divided into 2 categories:

1.) Hiring a Dinosaur

2.) Purchasing a Dinosaur


Hiring a Dinosaur

- Where are you located?

We are based out of Salt Lake City, Utah but we have a network of performers throughout the country and do events all over North America. We also have partners in other countries so if you call us we can see who we have close to you.

- How much do you charge?

Pricing depends on 3 major factors: where the event is, how many dinosaurs you need, and how long you need them. Let us know these 3 things and we can get you a fast quote.

What do the dinosaur performers do?

Depending on your needs, our performers can simply roam, present educational shows, rehearse/act according to a script, and much more. Ask about our add-ons as well. We have other performers and attractions as well such as creature encounters (real animals, snakes, lizards, spiders, scorpions, etc. that you can handle), cirque performers, Jurassic Park props, fossils, dino digs, etc.

- Do you have anyone closer to me?

We do have some partners around the United States. We will do our best to link you up with someone close by.

- Can I rent a dinosaur without a performer?

Because of the logistics, size, and fragility of the costumes, we do not rent out the costumes without at least one of our handlers accompanying. If you would like to wear the costume for a prank, etc. we can work something out, but we would also need to be there.


Buying a Dinosaur Costume in the US

- How much do the dinosaurs cost?

The final price includes shipping so this will depend on where you need it shipped to. For the standard models it will typically range from $6,000-$7,800 depending on which generation you buy and where in North America you need it shipped.

- What other fees are there?

We keep our prices all-inclusive so there are no other taxes/fees. Other companies may tell you it includes shipping, etc. but it is usually not the case. You are usually stuck with customs fees, warehouse fees, domestic shipping fees, taxes, etc.

- How long is the turn around?

Manufacturing takes approximately 3 weeks. Shipping takes anywhere from 4 weeks to 7 weeks. You can expedite shipping and get it very quickly, but it is definitely more expensive.

- Where are they manufactured?

Our manufacturer is in central China and they are definitely the best company we have worked with. The quality of their products is the best as is their reliability. We are their exclusive US representative.

- How large are the dinosaurs?

The standard model dinosaurs are approximately 12 feet long, 7 feet tall, and 3 1/2 feet wide. Depending on the species you order, they will weigh from 55-65 pounds.

Call (480) 258-3740 with any more questions and we'll be happy to answer them and walk you through the process. Or Contact Us