Welcome to Dinosaur Events - The largest & most experienced fleet of dinosaur performers in the United States. Our dinosaur performers have delighted audiences around North America with realistic dinosaur shows, appearances, and other entertainments. We are the ones that fortune 500 companies, Hollywood producers, and festivals call when they want jaw-dropping attractions :) . Dinosaur Events has been hired by companies like Adobe, Samsung, Paramount Pictures, Comedy Central, Usana, Disney, and more to perform.

We also are the official U.S. representative for our manufacturer in China (their top dino animatronics & costume warehouse). Our dinosaur costumes are the best, commercially available costumes on the planet with state-of-the-art technology and realistic movements. In fact, it's become quite a large problem for us to maintain our intellectual property. All of the 3rd party sellers from China and even the U.S. have unlawfully swiped our copyrighted photos to use on the main pages of their websites. Oh well, you know what they say about imitation :)

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Past Clients include

Dinosaur Performer clients

Currently we have 4 - 5 dinosaurs in our fleet. 2 T-Rex costumes, a Raptor costume, and allosaurus costume, and a dilophosaurus costume. These dinosaurs are our most popular performers, but we also provide a meriad of other entertainment. We have live reptiles, snakes, and other creepy crawly creatures that your guests can handle. We have stilt-walkers, decor, exotic plants, fossil digs, and more... We are partners with an international-scale entertainment agency that can supply everything from Audio Visual to Party bands, DJ's, cirque performers, aerialists, you name it!