Dinosaurs and dinosaur themed events are extremely popular right now--as are dino-related YouTube videos. Ever seen those Japanese prank videos where a realistic dino performer chases people down an office hallway?  Find out How it Works Here. Up until now, there really wasn't a way to hire a dinosaur performer in the United States. You either had to have them flown in from China or the UK. Now there is a U.S.-based company ready to provide realistic costumes, performers, and other Jurassic-themed party entertainment.

Here is a brief list of what we have available for events in North America:

Hire a Dinosaur:

Our dinosaur performers really bring the costumes to life as they roam around and interactive with party guests.

Jurassic Park Jeeps:

Add to the ambiance with Jurassic Park-themed performers & props like these jeeps:

Creature Encounters:

In addition to our extinct animals, handle their living relatives. Including Snakes, Lizards, Spiders, Scorpions, & more

Props, Plants, & Decor:

We also rent decor items such as exotic plants, custom builds, & anamatronic dinosaurs

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