We have had opportunities to participate in events from California to New York. Our dinosaurs have spent time at small birthday parties, large corporate events, and everything in-between! We specialize in turning events into "dinosaur events."

Birthday Parties

We make sure our dinosaurs are well-fed before they show up to your child's birthday party; we don't want them eating all of the cake (or a child, for that matter!) If there will be dancing at your party, make sure to let us know and we'll bring one of our dancing dinosaurs. Due to the dinosaurs being difficult to train, their moves are pretty basic. But hey, where are you going to find a dinosaur that dances better?

Dinosaur Birthday Party.jpg

Outdoor Festivals / Carnivals

These are some of our favorite events to participate in. Our dinosaurs love meeting crowds and they do well being petted by children. The dinosaurs get a little cranky when they walk long distances so we generally like to keep them in one spot. Let us know the details of your event and we'll see how we can make it work!

Corporate Events

Our handlers always get a kick out of how much adults love interacting with our dinosaurs. At a recent event in Chicago, our Allosaurus, Arnie, must have taken over 100 "selfies" with executives from a large pharmaceutical company. Get in contact with us and we'll make sure you get the best dinosaur for the job!

TV Shows

Dinosaur Events has provided dinosaurs for both Disney and Comedy Central. Our dinosaurs don't get camera shy (obviously, because they're dinosaurs) so feel free to contact us for any kind of production you may be working on.

Workaholics Dinosaur - Night at the Dudeseum, Dinosaur Events
Workaholics Dinosaur - Night at the Dudeseum, Dinosaur Events

How can you challenge us?

We love trying new things! Let us know what your idea is, and we'll see how we can incorporate our dinosaurs.

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