We have had the pleasure of providing dinosaur costumes and performers for Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, 21st Century Fox, and many other companies throughout the US. Check out the videos below to get a sense for how the dinosaurs look on camera. Our dinosaur performers have experience on set and are well trained to handle live TV appearances!

Lip sync battle shorties - nickelodeon

Donald the T-Rex and Blue the Dilophosaurus went out to Warner Bros Studios in Los Angeles, CA for two days to film this epic lip sync battle! They're the best dancing dinosaurs in the business. The show originally aired on Nickelodeon on January 12, 2018. 


Walk the prank - Disney xd

Over a million views on this video! We were super excited when Disney XD asked us to provide a dinosaur performer for their TV show called Walk the Prank. Watch us surprise a couple kid stars and their babysitter in this quick clip! 


Last Man on earth - fox

The production team over at 21st Century Fox reached out to us to provide a dinosaur costume for their show called Last Man on Earth. We drove a dinosaur costume down the next day and our performers met Will Forte, the show's creator and star! The whole team was very friendly and they've been filming with the costume for over a year. Check out this quick clip of a talking dinosaur performer!


Save the Dinos with Lisa Loeb

In this touching commercial, Lisa Loeb invites viewers to donate to help protect the poor, hungry, and rejected dinosaurs of the world. Loot Crate even got Gray from Jurassic World to participate in the filming of this short!


Central Church Easter Celebration - Henderson, NV

Our most ferocious raptor, Fawkes, traveled to Las Vegas, NV to participate in the Central Church Jurassic Easter Celebration in the spring of 2016. Central fed him well and luckily there were no casualties when the kids swarmed him for pictures!


Workaholics - Comedy Central

We took Arnie the Allosaurus and Blue the Dilophosaurus to Los Angeles to star in the Comedy Central show Workaholics. Adam, Durs, and Blake had a good time with the dinosaur costumes and our performers had a blast! The full episode is available on Hulu.

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