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We have the largest fleet of realistic dinosaur puppets in North America. We've been hired by individuals as well as fortune 500 companies to perform--both on-stage and in intimate settings. Past clients include Google, Disney, Samsung, Comedy Central, and many more... Contact us for a quote!

Not only do we provide our signature dinosaur puppets, but we offer other dino-related entertainment as well. Safari/Dino-trainers, Jurassic Park jeeps & impersonators, cavemen, Lizards & snakes & other creature encounters, baby dino-puppets, pre-historic decor/plants, and much more.

We are the number one place to hire a dinosaur in the United States, but we have partners all over the globe. If you are not in the country, contact us and we will either travel to your location or connect you with a more local operator.

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Dinosaur themed parties are extremely popular these days. If you are an event planner, hiring a dinosaur will definitely add a wow-factor to your celebrations. Need a trade show attraction that is sure to bring people to your booth? Nothing says "look at me" like a dinosaur in your face!

When you hire a dinosaur performer, it also comes with a dino-handler/trainer dressed in safari attire to help facilitate audience interactions. They'll play it up while leading the dino around on a leash. Want to add an extra factor? Put our safari handlers on stilts!

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