Rent a Dinosaur

We specialize in renting dinosaurs for corporate events, parties, conventions, film shoots, weddings, birthday parties movie premieres, grand openings, pranks and really anything else you would need one for.  Some of our clients include Adobe, Samsung, Comedy Central, Comic Con, Megaplex Theaters, and many more. Rent a Dinosaur from us!

Our dino packages include delivery of one or multiple dinosaurs, puppeteer performers and handlers to assist in the performance. Here is a video of the dinosaurs in action:

In addition to renting the dinosaurs, we offer the following add on packages:

- a creature show with real snakes, scorpions and critters

- Roaming performers such as stilt walkers handlers, muscular cave men performers, baby dinosaur puppets, a dinosaur and reptile educational program and more.

- Dinosaur related decor & props such as exotic plants, Jurassic Park jeeps/props, backdrops, lighting, etc.

*In addition to hiring a performer & renting a dinosaur, we also sell our dinosaurs to customers direct from the manufacturer. We make the whole process very easy and will give you an all-inclusive price so you know exactly what you are getting into. We'll even talk you through the process of what will be needed once you've made the purchase.

Please contact us for a quote for your event.  We respond very quickly.

Past clients include

Dinosaur Clients-01.jpg