Meet our Life Size Dinosaurs

Our dinosaur performers can be spotted at events throughout the United States. Our lifesize T-Rex 's, raptors, & dilophosaurus are a hit at large corporate events and birthday parties alike!  Past clients have included Google, Adobe, Comedy Central, In-n-Out, Samsung, and more. Meet our friendly, life size dinosaurs:

"Arnie" the Allosaurus

Arnie is a young Allosaurus. He is currently about 12 feet long but may reach 28 feet by the time he is full grown! Arnie enjoys dancing at corporate events and has even spent some time at the Field Museum in Chicago. He's a loyal team member and is very well trained.



"Blue" the Dilophosaurus

Despite the sharp teeth, Blue does great with kids. She thrives at birthday parties and community events. She's as gentle and patient as dinosaurs get!  She's got a huge appetite so she may well reach 20 feet by adulthood. She currently measures in at 13 feet long and 8 feet tall. She has attended countless events throughout Utah and the U.S. as a dinosaur entertainer.


"Donald" the T-Rex

Don lives up to his reputation as "King." He has an amazing presence and catches looks everywhere he goes. He can be a little testy, but we have trained him well and he loves traveling to events around the world. Don is one of the oldest members of our dinosaur crew. 


"Fawkes" the Raptor

Named after Fawkes the Phoenix from Harry Potter, this raptor is definitely our most fiery personality. She has lots of energy and is great for long events with big crowds. Fawkes is fully grown and is one of the newest additions to the team. 



"Squirt" the baby Raptor

We've been raising Squirt since he was first born. He is very fast and still needs to be held to make sure he doesn't run away! He's a fun addition to any corporate event or birthday party.


Past Clients Include