Buying a realistic dinosaur costume can be one of the most frustrating experiences EVER! We make it easy. We are the only official distributor for realistic dinosaur costumes in North America. Most other foreign companies you see selling them are actually 3rd parties pretending like they are the manufacturer. Many of the pictures on their websites are actually unauthorized pictures taken of our dinosaurs. Here are a few reasons you should order through DinosaurEvents.com:

- We give you an all-inclusive price. When ordering products overseas, the cost can be 2-3 times what you are initially quoted. We know the shipping process and include international customs fess, shipping, freight brokering, delivery, logistics company charges. Many of our past clients have ordered products from us after having pulled their hair out dealing with these issues and then finding out, when all is said and done, they got a better price from us than from a 3rd party seller offering them a "bait and switch" price point.

- Cut out the middle man. Because we are the official North American distributor for the manufacturer, with us you avoid middle man, 3rd party markup fees

- We handle the logistics. We get the dinosaur delivered to your door without having to figure out the complicated international customs logistics. We have put in the effort already figuring that out and have it down.

- We are located in the USA. Communication with us in terms of customizing your dinosaurs, getting it delivered correctly, getting your questions answered, etc is simple.

- We are inexpensive. After all is said and done, you will pay less working with us.

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