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Dinosaur for Commercials


Recently, a couple of our realistic dinosaurs took a trip to Los Angeles to shoot a commercial for LootCrate.  We had a blast and the end product was awesome. Check it out: [embed][/embed]

Got to hang out with Lisa Loeb and that kid from Jurassic World. How cool is that? Save a dinosaur, people! We've been hired to do several commercial shoots and TV shows. It is always fun to see behind-the-scenes at large productions. In this one, we brought along Blu and Arnie.  Blue is a more vibrant color and Arnie looks a little more natural. Together, they create a cool color-contrast. You might also have recognized squirt, our baby dinosaur. He didn't appreciate being cattle-prodded, but he's alright.

If you would like to hire a dinosaur for commercials or a video shoot, Contact Us . We'll get you a quick quote over the phone. If it's too far to travel, we have partners all over the globe. Chances are, we can get a dinosaur performer close to you.

Click on the picture to see more clips of commercials and events we've been a part of:

Dinosaur Prank Video for Disney XD


Dinosaur Events had the privileged of working with Disney on their show: "Walk the Prank" over in Los Angeles, California. We took Arnie, the Allosaurus down to their studio to set up a fun dinosaur prank video. Check out this fun clip from the episode: [embed][/embed]

The hosts of the show hired a babysitter to come and watch a couple of kids who were excited to show off their new 3D movie projector. As they start showing the dinosaur movie, Arnie (our dinosaur performer) literally leaps out of the screen to scare the pants off our unsuspecting babysitter  Some have commented that this babysitter may have been staged, but we can attest that it was definitely not the case :)

We perform for a lot of corporate events and parties, but we absolutely love when we get approached by television shows, commericals, and movies to feature our life-like dinosaurs & costumes.

Dino Prank video snippet

If you need us for a dinosaur prank video, office prank, commercial, or television show, Arnie is always glad to lend a hand (or any of our dinosaur fleet). Contact Us at Dinosaur Events and let us help you out.

In addition to Arnie the Allosaurus, our fleet consists of the following main dinosaurs:

T-Rex and Raptor dinosaur for Hire

We also have 2 baby dinos (hand-help puppets), an inflatable comedic costume. Depending on the time of year, Dinosaur Events also may have 2 or 3 extra dinosaurs in our fleet so if you need a 6 or 7 dinos for a jurassic park event, we've got you covered!

Dinosaur Performers for Lousiana Peach Festival

Dinosaurs in Lousiana

Our performers were recently hired for their longest (and hottest) event to date. The Lousiana Peach Festival in Ruston, Lousiana had Fawkes & Arnie out to interact with the festival-goers for 10 hours in the Louisiana sun!  We'll do just about anything for our clients :) Here are some pictures from the event:

Dino Hire in Lousiana
Dino Hire in Lousiana
Arnie with the crowd in Ruston
Arnie with the crowd in Ruston
Ruston Dinosaurs
Ruston Dinosaurs
realistic dinosaur
realistic dinosaur
Raptor in Lousiana
Raptor in Lousiana
Peach Festival Dinosaur
Peach Festival Dinosaur
Dinosaur in Lousiana
Dinosaur in Lousiana

These realistic dinosaur costumes were especially a hit with the kids who kept wanting Fawkes to bite their limbs. Thanks to the city of Ruston for having us out!

Our dinosaur performers make the interactions fun and exciting; the next best thing to having a real raptor or TRex at your event. Our main fleet of dinosaurs are based in Utah, but not only do we travel all over the country, we may have dinosaur performers near you as well. Give us a call at (480) 258-3740 and ask about our closest puppeteers to you.

Although we specialize in corporate events, we are happy to perform at private functions and birthday parties as well. Our dinos have been hired for everything from festivals to weddings, from TV shows to viral videos, from birthday parties to arena-sized corporate conventions.

Contact Us for a quote to have dinosaurs at your next event

P.S. We also sell these realistic dino costumes. Leave us an inquiry and we can get you detailed information on the manufacturing process. Each costume is custom-made to your specifications and preferences.

Dinosaurs in Las Vegas - Easter Celebration

Thanks to Central Church in Henderson, Nevada for having Arnie & Fawkes out to celebrate Easter weekend with you! Our dinos got to roam around the festival dancing and scaring the kids . Because what says Easter better than a bunch of prehistoric monsters chasing you around :) Here are a few pictures of our dinosaur at this Las Vegas event:

Dinosaur Events Las Vegas
Dinosaur Events Las Vegas
Walk with dinosaurs Las Vegas
Walk with dinosaurs Las Vegas
Jurassic Park Event Las Vegas
Jurassic Park Event Las Vegas
Dinosaur Performer Las Vegas
Dinosaur Performer Las Vegas

Fawkes & Arnie are a velociraptor & allosaurus respectively; both of which were discovered in the Utah/Nevada area so they felt right at home. If you need a dinosaur performer in Las Vegas or anywhere on the east coast, contact us or call us at (480) 258-3740. We'd love to bring some prehistoric fun to your event.

We can also provide other dinosaur goodies like you see in these pictures including: inflatable dinosaurs, Jurassic Park jeeps, creature encounters, DJ's, Sound systems, face painters, balloon artists, etc. Not only do we do Dinosaur Events, but we are partners with one of the country's most experienced entertainment agencies. We can provide everything from A/V, bands, Dinosaurs (of course), lighting, decor, you name it.

New Dinosaur Costumes - Meet Fawkes & Squirt


We'd like to introduce the newest members of our dinosaur Fleet: Meet Fawkes.  Fawkes has a fire-y personality and is probably our most terrifying dinosaur yet. He is a velociraptor and comes all the way from China! For those interested in purchasing a dinosaur costume, Fawkes is our newest generation model. Our manufacturers have improved many of the functions of the dinosaur including more dramatic and realistic movements.

Raptor Costume
Raptor Costume

Fawkes may look scary, but he is actually quite shy and enjoys playing with his brothers & sister as well as long walks on the beach.

Raptor Performer Utah
Raptor Performer Utah
Dinosaur Party Performers
Dinosaur Party Performers

In addition to our full-grown raptor, we also welcome his younger brother, squirt. He is a much smaller and younger raptor. In fact, he prefers to be carried around by our professional dinosaur trainers rather than walking around... what a baby :)

Handheld dinosaur puppet
Handheld dinosaur puppet
Dinosaur trainer & baby raptor
Dinosaur trainer & baby raptor

Sometimes squirt can get a little bite-y. He's just getting used to his baby teeth. We love bringing squirt along to our dinosaur events. Hire a dinosaur performer and we can add-on squirt really easily.

If you are interested in hiring one of our raptor or dinosaur performers--or if you are interested in purchasing a puppet, Contact Us or call us a (480) 258-3740 .

Dinosaurs for Atlanta Corporate Event


This last week, Blu & Rex were excited to entertain for the Genie and Terex corporations. The setting was awesome; their party took place at the Fernbank natural history museum in Atlanta, Georgia and our dinosaurs felt right at home. Take a look at this awesome venue: Hire a Dinosaur in Atlanta

Our dinosaurs perform all over North America and are used to corporate parties like this one; but this one was especially fun because we also got to rock out to a live band. As we listened to Atlanta's own "The Rupert Orchestra," our dinosaurs got to dance and sing along :)

Corporate Entertainment Dinosaurs Dinosaur Performers Atlanta

We always love performing for corporate events and if you hire our dinosaur performers, you might just make your party the most memorable party ever! Here are a couple more pictures of our realistic costumes entertaining the crowd:

Corporate Party Dinosaur Realistic Dinosaur Costume for hire

Our dinosaur fleet performs regularly for corporate parties, conventions, TV shows, community events, and private functions. On any given day, we have up to 6 dinosaurs available for hire. If you are interested in have our dinosaurs crash your event, contact us or call us a (801) 473-1502

Dinosaurs - As Seen on Comedy Central!


Arnie & Blu both had their cable network debut last night as they were featured as characters on Comedy Central's "Workaholics." The episode entitled Night at the Dudeseum features the guys trying to steal from a natural history museum, but end up being chased around and cornered by our very own Arnie & Blu. Check out the episode on Comedy Central's website: . **Warning** some language & adult content. Here are some screen shots from the episode:

Dinosaur Comedy Central - Being hit by a sword Workaholics Dinosaur - Night at the Dudeseum Workaholics Dinosaurs - Jurassic Park Workaholics Dinosaurs 3 Brian Henson Dinosaurs Dinosaurs in Televison Workaholics Dinosaur

We had a blast being apart of the episode and it was really interesting to see how much work goes into filming a single episode. Because we had to shoot while the museum was closed, we had to shoot until the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say, we were pretty exhausted by the end, but it was still a blast.  Now I'm sure everyone will be lining up to get the autographs of the Workaholics dinosaurs... after all, we're celebrities now :P . If you watch the episode, you'll see that we did not, in fact, get to play ourselves when outside of the dinosaurs. Mike was played a woman much shorter than him.

Contact Us & inquire about Hiring a Dinosaur performer for your own event, TV show, or office prank.

P.S. we were recently contracted to do another TV show so stay tuned for more information on that.

Walking Dinosaur Costumes - Utah Central Clinic

2 of our walking dinosaur costumes made an appearance at the Utah Central Clinic party this week. The party was a "Comic-Con" themed event and our dinosaurs got to mingle with all sorts of colorful cosplayers :) . As our T-Rex was being shipped from San Jose to Washinton D.C. for back-to-back corporate events, our allosaurus named Arnold (or "Arnie") and our dilophosaurus named "Blu" got to stretch their walking dinosaur legs. Thanks again for having us Utah Central Clinic; we love bring our realistic dinosaur experiences to non-profits and other corporate events. Here are a few images from the event:

Dinosaur at Comic Con

Arnie the allosaurus made some new friends. It's a good thing he wasn't any closer or he may have actually gotten shot. **ba-dum ching!**

Dinosaur Events Realistic Dinosaur Performer

Blu is a little homesick and would like a trip back to the Jurassic Period

Walking with Dinosaurs Costume

Arnie & Baymax are fast friends


If you'd like a visit from one of our dinosaurs or would like to hire a dinosaur performer anywhere in the United States, Contact Us

Dinosaur Fleet for Adobe


This last weekend we had a blast and provided our entire fleet of 5, realistic dinosaur performers for Adobe's corporate event. Headquartered in Draper, Adobe has been known to put on some large events and this one was no exception. Not only did we have all 5 dinosaur costumes out, along with our skilled dino-wranglers, we had our stilt-walker wrangler out as well. Take a look as some of these photos of the event: Hire a Dinosaur for Corporate events

dinosaur for parties


Dino Events IMG_6220-2 IMG_6217-2 IMG_6208-2 IMG_6203-2 Arnold being shy dinosaur costume Walking with Dinosaur performer for hire


Would you like to hire a dinosaur performer? Contact Us and let us know how we can help you.

Photos by Natural Captures



Sneak Peek: New Dinos

We're super excited to announce some new additions to the Dinosaur Events family. If you're reading this, you are probably already aware of what we do. We've been getting a demand for more dinosaurs to bring to the events, so we've gone and ordered 2 more. Here is a sneak peak at our 2 new beauties in the making:

Ask about how you can hire or even buy one of these realistic dinosaur costumes from a United States - based company. Call (480) 258-3740 or Contact Us

Jurassic World Premiere Party - Realistic Dinosaur Costumes


Our two Dino - studs got to strut their stuff and show off for a few days at the MegaPlex Jurassic World Premiere. Scaring people as they came out of the theater was particularly fun for our dynamic duo. There is nothing quite like seeing the Aw ... (and terror) of little kids as they interact with our adolescent T-Rex's . These realistic dinosaur performers are a blast! Jurassic World Realistic Dinosaurs


Here are some shots of our realistic dinosaurs for hire:

Dinosaur Costumes United States Dinosaurs movie theater Realistic dino costume


If you want a realistic dinosaur to prank your friends or create a buzz for a corporate event. Call Dinosaur Events at 801-473-1502 :)