Walking Dinosaur Costumes - Utah Central Clinic

2 of our walking dinosaur costumes made an appearance at the Utah Central Clinic party this week. The party was a "Comic-Con" themed event and our dinosaurs got to mingle with all sorts of colorful cosplayers :) . As our T-Rex was being shipped from San Jose to Washinton D.C. for back-to-back corporate events, our allosaurus named Arnold (or "Arnie") and our dilophosaurus named "Blu" got to stretch their walking dinosaur legs. Thanks again for having us Utah Central Clinic; we love bring our realistic dinosaur experiences to non-profits and other corporate events. Here are a few images from the event:

Dinosaur at Comic Con

Arnie the allosaurus made some new friends. It's a good thing he wasn't any closer or he may have actually gotten shot. **ba-dum ching!**

Dinosaur Events Realistic Dinosaur Performer

Blu is a little homesick and would like a trip back to the Jurassic Period

Walking with Dinosaurs Costume

Arnie & Baymax are fast friends


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