Dinosaurs for Atlanta Corporate Event


This last week, Blu & Rex were excited to entertain for the Genie and Terex corporations. The setting was awesome; their party took place at the Fernbank natural history museum in Atlanta, Georgia and our dinosaurs felt right at home. Take a look at this awesome venue: Hire a Dinosaur in Atlanta

Our dinosaurs perform all over North America and are used to corporate parties like this one; but this one was especially fun because we also got to rock out to a live band. As we listened to Atlanta's own "The Rupert Orchestra," our dinosaurs got to dance and sing along :)

Corporate Entertainment Dinosaurs Dinosaur Performers Atlanta

We always love performing for corporate events and if you hire our dinosaur performers, you might just make your party the most memorable party ever! Here are a couple more pictures of our realistic costumes entertaining the crowd:

Corporate Party Dinosaur Realistic Dinosaur Costume for hire

Our dinosaur fleet performs regularly for corporate parties, conventions, TV shows, community events, and private functions. On any given day, we have up to 6 dinosaurs available for hire. If you are interested in have our dinosaurs crash your event, contact us or call us a (801) 473-1502