Dinosaur for Commercials


Recently, a couple of our realistic dinosaurs took a trip to Los Angeles to shoot a commercial for LootCrate.  We had a blast and the end product was awesome. Check it out: [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OPXRU_F7DA[/embed]

Got to hang out with Lisa Loeb and that kid from Jurassic World. How cool is that? Save a dinosaur, people! We've been hired to do several commercial shoots and TV shows. It is always fun to see behind-the-scenes at large productions. In this one, we brought along Blu and Arnie.  Blue is a more vibrant color and Arnie looks a little more natural. Together, they create a cool color-contrast. You might also have recognized squirt, our baby dinosaur. He didn't appreciate being cattle-prodded, but he's alright.

If you would like to hire a dinosaur for commercials or a video shoot, Contact Us . We'll get you a quick quote over the phone. If it's too far to travel, we have partners all over the globe. Chances are, we can get a dinosaur performer close to you.

Click on the picture to see more clips of commercials and events we've been a part of: