Dinosaur Prank Video for Disney XD


Dinosaur Events had the privileged of working with Disney on their show: "Walk the Prank" over in Los Angeles, California. We took Arnie, the Allosaurus down to their studio to set up a fun dinosaur prank video. Check out this fun clip from the episode: [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjQs-2hx1Po[/embed]

The hosts of the show hired a babysitter to come and watch a couple of kids who were excited to show off their new 3D movie projector. As they start showing the dinosaur movie, Arnie (our dinosaur performer) literally leaps out of the screen to scare the pants off our unsuspecting babysitter  Some have commented that this babysitter may have been staged, but we can attest that it was definitely not the case :)

We perform for a lot of corporate events and parties, but we absolutely love when we get approached by television shows, commericals, and movies to feature our life-like dinosaurs & costumes.

Dino Prank video snippet

If you need us for a dinosaur prank video, office prank, commercial, or television show, Arnie is always glad to lend a hand (or any of our dinosaur fleet). Contact Us at Dinosaur Events and let us help you out.

In addition to Arnie the Allosaurus, our fleet consists of the following main dinosaurs:

T-Rex and Raptor dinosaur for Hire

We also have 2 baby dinos (hand-help puppets), an inflatable comedic costume. Depending on the time of year, Dinosaur Events also may have 2 or 3 extra dinosaurs in our fleet so if you need a 6 or 7 dinos for a jurassic park event, we've got you covered!