Jurassic Park Theme Corporate Event Ideas

Of the events our realistic dinosaur performers end up traveling to, most are corporate events with a Jurassic Park or Jurassic World theme. From Los Angeles to New York City, we have been able to participate in some pretty awesome prehistoric parties! We thought we would share some photos and ideas from events across the country as inspiration for corporate event planners looking to create an awesome Jurassic Park theme corporate event. 

First off, what would a Jurassic Park Party be without Jurassic Park gates! These gates we entered through in Scottsdale, Arizona were pretty amazing. 

At a Jurassic Park themed event in Chicago, we entered through another set of slightly smaller gates. We even had the special guest enter in on the dinosaur's back! The event planners did an amazing job setting the tables with Jurassic Park decorations and even provided the guests with safari hats to wear! See a few photos below:


Some corporate event planners have even chosen to provide a jungle background in order to allow guests to get the best Jurassic Park style photo opp possible! Check out this jungle background from one of our more recent Jurassic Park events in Los Angeles.

Beyond the gates, decorations, and backdrops, realistic dinosaur costumes and performers are a must. They always turn out to be the life of the party! We have also seen some planners add static dinosaur exhibits and Jurassic Park jeeps (contact us to see if there is a Jurassic Park jeep in your area.) Our favorite add-on is just a freestanding toilet. Planners provide it to allow guests to recreate that one crazy scene from Jurassic Park. It makes for pretty hilarious photo opportunity! See what we're talking about in the video below:

If you're thinking about going with a Jurassic Park theme, do it! They're always a blast and, with the right props and decorations, really send you back a few million years. Feel free to reach out to us via the "Get a Quote" page with any questions; we're happy to tell you more about the Jurassic Park corporate events we've seen in the past.