Dinosaur Birthday Party in Utah

Blue the Dilophosaurus was no match for this little guy on his 1st birthday in Vineyard, Utah last weekend! His mom saw us at the Pioneer Days event in Provo, Utah this summer and said she knew that her little one would love having a dinosaur performer at his birthday party.

The dinosaur birthday party was held at a park, and we made a surprise entrance to the party with 30-40 kids! We had the birthday boy take Blue for a walk around the park and took pictures with guests for quite a while. Some of the kids even tried to feed pizza to the dinosaur! 

Dinosaur Birthday Party Utah

We usually like to play tag, soccer, and other games, but there were so many guests we didn't even have time!

Squirt the baby raptor also made a brief appearance and was able to take pictures and scare a few family members of the birthday boy before Blue had to get back home. 

We have sent performers to quite a few dinosaur themed birthday parties around Utah Valley in the last few months, and this was definitely one of our favorites! It is always fun to have lots of guests, a fun, open park for a venue and plenty of happy kids. 

Check out the "Meet our Dinosaurs" page on our site to see all of the realistic dinosaur costumes we have available in Utah for birthday parties, community events, and corporate parties. 

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